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On The Race Card

White woman squatting ‘shocks’ Welkom community

Just weeks before the whole Spear painting saga, racist cput Facebook slurs, the model and wanna’ be dropping the ‘k’ word on Twitter a article in one of the local newspapers caught my eye. As the article was written in Afrikaans (Of which I am very fluent in, thank you) I didn’t quite understand the whole sentimental behind it. This article made front page, just squashed-in next to the main story and it was about a white woman who has become a new resident among black squatters just on the outskirts of Thabong, Welkom.

Now, what I couldn’t grasp was that why would a story of this nature make it to the front page? Is the fact that people are squatting on the outskirts of Thabong a new thing? Or was it just the simple fact that it is a white woman? I think so.

For me, growing up in rural Free State was quite challenging, especially with parents highly respected among black people. I went to an all Afrikaans school, were white people, out of the norm, looked down on black people. But worse, white people hated the guts of black people who could accomplish the same as them, even more. Where I am going with this is just to conclude on the recent racial ‘spotlight’ SA has been under, was this just another stunt by white people, or was the article out of shame, ashamed of their own and trying to find all means of getting her out of there?
The race card has been overused by now.

Maybe I took the piece out of context, and white people squatting is news to the people in Welkom.

Share your thoughts and tell us what you think.

Papi Mabele
Tech enthusiast at heart. Lover of all things digital. Papi is the founder of SA Vibe and has been sharing his love for gadgetry since 2010. Papi sees no need for wearable tech in his busy schedule and considers the Xbox One as non existant. He may come across as bias at times, and still holds a grudge at BlackBerry for creating the 8520.
  • Anonymous

    Well, I think this race thing has been overplayed. Time SA moved on