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Put Down That Loocha Mag!


Only this past Sunday did I find the time to browse through the stacks of magazines lying on my coffee table, to think that one is often woken up at the wee hours of the morning by SMS notifications from the various magazine subsrcription debit orders. Unfortunately (soon you’ll know why) the first mag of the pack was the highly tweeted about Loocha magazine, or should this sentece be in this past tense? Either way, since its launch period and now (including that trip to Amsterdam, my absence on social networks and being broke) I have been quite busy, never even had the time to read its other 8 issues. And no, after my attempt on the 9th one I wont bother finding them.

To my excitement I was greeted by a fresh and rather attractive cover (this has nothing to do with my man crush towards Tbo Touch) and cover headlines featuring my friend and home girl, Lelo Boyana and of course the MTN SAMA Nominees topping it off with business advice. By somer (read that in an afrikaans) waving goodbye to the cover flashbacks came and I had deja vu’s of what I was told the mag would entail – now – during the above mentioned launch period of the mag – before my absence I was told that the mag would be fillled with advice to help empower our youth and assist them in making the right decisions in life – Great, it is just what we need (the youth), and it is just what the first page offered. So I thought.

Later on that Sunday when I attered the words “Ke kopa o nneletse Loocha moo” (Please pass me that Loocha) to my visiting nephew (12), he stared at me with wide eyes and asked why I was reading a kids book. If your black, kindly pronounce “Loocha” right now, to yourself, you’ll understand where he got this perception. Which is probably why I wrote this blog in the first place. My perception on this mag was based on the covers, since its first debut late last year. To the point. I find the read very dull and uninteresting, reading about the nyda (even if they’re the founders, sponsors, or whatever they may be) on every third page is not my kinda read. Reading about success stories from the likes of Ephriam Mashisani (Nyalu Communications) is something that sure is to inspire me, and not reasoins as to why some ANCYL heads were fired. I really couldn’t care about the DHS Western Cape summit either.

I have to admit, I find the magazine’s layout and design very appealing and well made. Credits are due to those responsible on page 4. Yes, like any other book (magazine in this case) – I judged it by the cover – which is why we’re oftenly warned to never do so, my own ignorance served me right. Now, as I page through The Times – who watched the rugby this weekend?

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Papi Mabele
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