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eKhayeni (Pub & Grill) twins murder charges dropped.

Keabecoe and Kegomodicoe Lekone were charged of murder, two counts of theft, two for defeating the ends of justice, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition and perjury – all committed in 2008. The two businessmen, owners of eKhayeni Pub & Grill in Bochabelo, Bloemfontein were on trial for the murder of policeman Lehlohonolo Seqhee in August 2008 after Seqhee was found shot dead outside eKhayeni. They were found guilty for perjury and fined R5000 each, all other charges were cleared.

I never knew that the twins were ever capable of doing such, comes to show they aren't as the charges of murder and the rest were dropped! Take that haters! .. Yes, you'll find me partying it up at eKhayeni this weekend.
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Papi Mabele
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  • Anonymous

    I dont know why people keep on going to Ekhayeni.
    Place of murderes,i hate those guys. They could have been killed long time ago in Joburg.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you my friend,i hate those guys too. They think that they own everything. I hate them too.

  • ekhyn bbe!!

    well u know wat they say say innocent until proven guilty,well in their case they are innocent accept that!!! u dont know them therefore dont judge. Everybody has skeletons in their closets atleast theirs are known wat abt urs? Kwaaaa!!! Haters crack me up…