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Guide to Macufe

With less than a month till the start of yet another much anticipated Mangaung Cultural Festival (Macufe) week, we-re here to help you getting around in the City of Roses.

Macufe 2011

  If your visiting Bloemfontein for the first time, its best you travel with someone who’s been here before or one that resides here – either way – with your GPS handy along with these tips, you’ll never get lost!

So, the main weekend starts on the 7th of October and ends on the 9th – This is when most of the fun takes place ( Hell I’d like to believe its the only reason why peeps get down here). Although there is the Divas concert which takes place on the Thursday before the main weekend featuring leading ladies such as Zahara ( Lengoma & Loliwe) and other divas – you’ll hacve more fun on the weekend. Here are some places to visit while in Bloem (in population order)

Sechaba Butchery & Braai

Sechaba Butchery & Braai
Situated in the heart of Mangaung, this Braai hangout received a lot of recognition during the Soccer World Cup and of course as always, during Macufe. Who’s who’s of Mzansi always hang out here when in town. If your in for chilling with the stars make sure you get down here for some good ol’ tshisa nyama and company.

Mahungra Car Wash

If your in-it for a chilled afternoon (even le hoseng cause a lot of people ba tsogella mo) with friends catcing up about last night or the past, Mahungra is thee place to be. Loud music, cars revving, cat walks on the dusty roads and booze – man, this is just plain fun!

Afro Vibe Lounge & Club 

The first thing I thought to myself when I stepped inside this place was, what the hell are we doing o the set of Top Billing??? This place has it all, the comfort of a VVVIP style cuban lounge and the vibe of a Ibiza foam party in the club area all in the township of Bochabela, Mangaung. With their events run by close friend here at SAfrica Vibe and whether your sipping on some Cognac or Veuve, rest assured yor going to have one helluva night here.

Afro Vibe Sign

View from VIP floor overlooking main floor


Ekhayeni “Pub & Grill”

Not so far away from where Afro Vibe is situated you find this “Pub & Grill’ – what is it with us darkies and ‘Pub & Grills’ ? this place is a club man – theres bo nyama being grilled here, neither are there old taxi drivers sitting with Black Label quartz counting their days’ earnings here. Infact, it is the total opposite. This is where you go to have a good jol, stand on your feet and let loose your weaves a lil’ bit. Good security, good vibe, excellent place. Big ups top the ‘Ekhayeni twins’.

To view a dedicated Google Maps layout, please click here

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