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Interview with Chix Soulful

As I promised, we finally got hold of Chix (ever-so-hot) Soulful, and couldn't help but ask him a few questions about his past, present and what he has up his sleeves (yes, his sleeves)

Q: Chix, Where were you born?

Chix: Park Lane Hospital, Parktown, Johannesburg

Q: and where do you live now?

Chix: Lonehill, Johannesburg

Q: Seems like your whole life is based in Jhb, but everybody here in Welkom knows who and what you are, any relation there?

Chix: Me and Welkom are family. I grew up there, and I went to school there. The best decision my folks ever took in my opinion was moving to Welkom! I love the tranquility of the place and the grounded people that reside there.

Q: And we love you too homie!, we spotted you along with the guys from Teargas (Ntukuza, Ma-E & K.O) at the Beach On The Track celebrations over the festive season, how was this years' celebrations compared the previous years' for you?

Chix: I had tons of fun on BOTH celebrations. It was bigger and better this year though.

Q: Your favourite place in the Free State? (Oviaaas!)

Chix: That's a hard one. Let me think….. Welkom!!!!

Q: Hahaha! And what is that one thing you can't go without?

Chix: Evian Water. I'm obsessed with it.

Q: As a young artist/deejay who do you look up to?

Chix: I look up to a lot of people, internationally I have a lot of respect for Jay-Z's business ethnics and locally I have great respect for MaxHoba, he is the realest brother I know.

Q: That Gadget(s) you just can't let go?

Chix: My Blackberry, its like y second heart.

Q: And how do you get around

Chix: In a private jet… How I wish! I drive a Opel Corsa Utility.

Q: What track is currently on you mind?

Chix: Teargas ft. Cashtime Fam – Number One (The Leak)

Q: What are you working on and what can we expect from you in the near future?

Chix: My focus right now is Yacht Music Inc. A concierge/entertainment company I formed with a friend. I'll also be in studio soon my 1st mixtape.

Thanks to Chix Soulful!

Keep up with Chix Soulful on Twitter on – @chixsoulful or add him on facebook Chix Soulful

For bookings contact Liliy Msimang – 076 019 1157

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