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Glaceau VITAMINwater

I'm sure we have all heard about GREEN, well no sweat.. It really is simple; recycle and re-use some of the items you don't really need. But enough about that, I recently took VITAMINwater with me on a trip through the daily harsh, hot, humid conditions I would go thru everyday, from attending classes at 7 am till Rugby practice at 5h30. VITAMINwater is my natural refreshment.

Being in matric, especially this year, has brought a lot of strain & stress for the most us. But with dedication and heart I managed to pull everything together; to study and go over my study material with no hassle – luckily my Super-V and Energy bottle were just a hand reach away. Whilst writing my paper, I'd just wet my lips and carry on feeling refreshed. I heard somewhere they said water is needed while writing that stressful exam, I think what they really meant was VITAMINwater!. Apart from the fact that its packed with vitamins from A-Zinc, its my alternative to the dull water we're used to everyday.

Exams are done and that's all left to do is enjoy the festive season and wait for my results – with VITAMINwater by my side of course!

By Thabile Mabele (@MaryG_M)
Gr12 matriculant at Welkom Gimnasium

Papi Mabele
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