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(057) Welkom Celebrations…. *sigh*

Before publishing this post, we had to check with our legal advisor ( don't know why, don't even care!)

*gasps* So here goes….

057 (Welkom) recently held their celebrations at a local venue, Welkom Club. Well without hesitation we surely didn't mind covering this event as it would be great publicity and would be a wonderful experience to work at a small yet Vibe™ town like this. We know Welkom has a history of producing some great artists and the not-so-talented gold digging sisters, Primrose Crous and Pearl (SMH). Anyway we were here for the party and nothing else!. The line-up had the likes of Teargas, HHP, Max-Hoba, Ba2cada and other locals. This was all happening at the Welkom Club, easy to find (but would have been easier if directions were mailed to us!) And looked awesome from the outside. Due to unknown circumstances, we weren't on the list!! (*awed* and *shocked* we waited as the smart lady checked for the 3rd time on the handwritten VIP list) So you know the Vibe™ Team never disappoints, and paying 70 bucks for entrance was not a bug at all (no really… It wasn't).

DJ Fantas… Nc nc nc, why is it so hard tracking this guy up? Awesome talent but yet unseen! Our driver couldn't stop asking for a feature with him! He opened up the stage for Ba2cada, thereafter Teargas. You know Teargas never disappoints they awed us with 'Go Away', 'Take It Easy' and classic 'Party 101.

Whether Jabba, Mr HHP was drunk or just feeling his performance, he surely was something on stage! The guy didn't even want to leave (lol) Welkom really have outdone themselves and big ups to the organizers! (Still not impressed with our booking though)

Yes this post seems dull & dry due to the fact that we couldn’t cover as planned!

Looking forward to Phakisa 2010!

Papi Mabele
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