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Women’s Day

A natural woman knows that a mere human mind can't define or confine her. It can't it figure out how she does what she does, in the way she does, without divine understanding

RT @NicoPanagio: Happy Women's' Day to my honey wife and all the women of the world, we'd be so freakin lost without u, God Bless you!

RT @Tendaijoe: A child needs a role model, not a super model. #Happy #Womem'sDay

There comes a time when a woman needs to stop thinking about her looks and focus her energies on raising her children

RT @KHABODACIOUS: To ALL you awesome SA Men who appreciate us WOMEN … Happy #WoMensDay … *I know YOU get it*

RT @TheRealMissK: Happy Women's day!

RT @dineoranaka: Morning ☺ Happy Women's day ladies and gaydies ☺

RT @JordanIsFamous: GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL WOMEN (and men) ALL OVER SOUTH AFRICA ! ☺ Hope you all have a SUPERB Women's Day Today !! ☺ …*J

RT @FanaPBuffalo: Happy woman day!

RT @songistylez: Happy Women's day to ALL the Lovely ladies I follow + who follow me! You ladies R amazing..much ♥

RT @KikiMarli: Happy woman's day to a beautiful lil gal that I am molding to a real woman.Keabetswe,mummy loves u!

RT @therealpsyfo: Happy women's day…

RT @parlotones: Happy Woman's Day to our wives, girlfriends and all woman around the world.

RT @LindaMoeketsi: Morning…Happy Women's Day!

RT @dumigwebu: “It's in the reach of your arms, The span of ur hips, The stride of ur step,…Phenomenal Woman..That is u! : )Happy women 2 all my ladies.

RT @CCRavele: To all the real woman out there,my song dedication to u is @miss_lira's 'Rise Again' cos we did that time&time again,no matter what. (“,)

RT @ChannelOTV: A Happy Woman's Day to all the Beautiful Woman of Africa!!!!!

RT @Trevornoah: The architects of nations & the builders of leaders. U inspire dreams & sustain reality. U are supernatural- You are Woman!

RT @loyisogola: Happy valentines day to all the strong, courageous and beautiful women of South Africa.

RT @Boo_Hadlay: I'm craving sweet treats. Cupcakes, muffins, cake and I think I got the perfect excuse to drive to pick n pay. “I'm spoiling my mother”

RT @Sentletse: To all you awesome women – Happy Women's Day!

RT @simondingle: Woman are not only equal to men at most things, but kick our arses at others. Happy woman's day, although I'm not sure you still need one 😉

RT @roosta27: Salute to all the Mothers, Lovers, Sisters, friends, daughters…a Woman's touch balances our everything. Happy Womans Day

RT @DJTira: Happy woman's day. Ladies today just say how high and we shall jump like we never did before ☺☺☺

RT @CrosstrainerSA: Woman's Day highlights the power of the individual to ignite the masses. Be the change you want to see in the world.

RT @zo_ras: Woman's Pride stems from what she is able to teach those who look up to her #HappyWomensDay

RT @dannykmusic: Happy Women's Day to all my beautiful strong and courageous women !!

RT @Shona_Ferguson: When the devil comes knocking at your door, simply say…” Jesus , could you get that for me please”? HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY☺

RT @ClintOnTheBrink: Happy Women's Day all you beautifully amazing care givers!!..I love ya'll..

RT @KabeloMabalane: After each thing God created He said that it was good! When He created the fairer sex He said WOAH-MAN!! Happy Woman's day ladies!!

RT @ViGilanteSA: Never doubt the love we have 4 ya'll, its boni fide. Ur Courage, Strength, Wisdom & Respect forever will be appreciated. Happy Women's day

RT @grantmonareng: Happy Women's Day to all the women in the tworld! have yourselves a lovely day.

Happy Womens Day to all the Mothers, Wives, Sisters, Friends, Besties, BFF's and the ordinary woman out there!

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